Thursday, October 24, 2019

A moment in time...

I remember having my first "blog" when I was about 10? My sister gave me this little white diary. It was a "daily diary" for the month of May. I wrote in it faithfully every day that month. Turned 10 that month, so technically I was 9 when I found my love of journaling.

Continued doing it for years, on and off and I still have blogs that I laid to rest all over the net. Some of it wasn't suitable for public viewing (😁), mostly because a lot of what I wrote was just my way of venting and sometimes it was harsh, but my point was never to hurt anyone, just to alleviate my own pain.

Sometimes I go back and read those old blogs. Some make me smile, some make me cry, but the growth has been tremendous and the therapy priceless.

Keep Growing - Jennifer Dukes Lee

Saturday, October 19, 2019

An old dream journal entry...

This one is from March 10, 2014 -- and the funny thing is that I still remember that dream!

I dreamt last night that I was taking a summer job at a Methadone clinic.  I had to take a couple of trains to get there in Manhattan and was torn as to whether this was going to be a good move for me, but something compelled me to try.

Dreams are so bizarre sometimes. But I'm sure there's some meaning in there somewhere. I just must dig deep...

Found an old journal entry...

From March 18, 2014...

Dreamt I started drafting a book. I had thirty pages and felt like I was making a breakthrough. So optimistic. Love it!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Love is...

Love is a magic ray

emitted from the burning core
of the soul
and illuminating
the surrounding earth.

It enables us
to perceive life
as a beautiful dream
between one awakening
and another.

Khalil Gibran