Thursday, August 10, 2023

My new rescued baby who rescued me...

When my pup, Barney, was getting ready to crossover, I was so distraught that I was sure I'd never adopt another dog.  The pain felt unbearable, and I thought WHY would anyone choose to go through all this.

Then I spoke to a friend who has had rescues for years and he told me he always looks at it this way -- if he can give another pup a chance at a good life in a loving home, it's worth it.

He's right...

So, I started looking for another pup to rescue and found this amazing rescue:

And now, 2 months after losing Barney, I have another sweet pup to love... Onyx...

He's a joy!  Sweet and so smart and I'm thrilled to have him in my life!  I still miss my Barney, but I know he sent me Onyx and that he's happy that a new pup will have the good life that he had too!

And I met an amazing woman who has been saving these beautiful babies for 13 years.  As a side note, I bought a few products from an affiliate link that donates to her cause.  My order arrived right away, and I love them!  I've been getting eaten alive by mosquitos this year and one of the things I bought is called "melagel" and has been a lifesaver in stopping the itch!  I also love that all the products are made with good ingredients.  I've been doing my best to avoid harsh chemicals and these products are just what I needed!

Because who doesn't love PUPPIES and GREAT products that support PUPPIES!  Onyx and his siblings thank you and send you many puppy kisses! 💜🥰