Thursday, June 3, 2021

The dress...


The dress
 I wore this dress (stock photo, that's not me!) to my son's wedding in May of 2020, just after COVID started.  I bought the dress in January, not knowing what was coming!  As luck would have it, this beautiful dress appeared in my "ads," no doubt thanks to the cookies that follow us all over the Internet!  WAY to go, COOKIES!  My dream dress was purple less and VOILA!  ASK, and the Cookies delivered!

I almost didn't get to wear it because the kids were going to postpone the wedding and then decided to have a smaller casual wedding, no fancy clothes.  BUT at the last minute, they decided she would wear her beautiful wedding dress, and we would wear our gowns.  I was thrilled!  I loved this dress and was so happy to wear it.  I felt like a princess too that day!  It was an amazing COVID wedding and an amazing day watching my son marry his High School sweetheart!

Of course, I washed it after the wedding and hung it up in my closet, unsure what to do with it.  It's not like I have tons of occasions that call for a long flowy dress!  I was thinking lately that it would be great to donate it to a girl who needed a dress for her PROM.  LOW and BEHOLD, I came across a Facebook post of an organization that matches girls who can't afford a dress to a donated gown, and she was the right size for this dress!  I immediately messaged them, and the dress is being picked up today!  It makes me so happy to know that my pretty dress will serve another good purpose!

I will miss you, pretty dress, but thank you for making me feel like a Princess, and please make your next recipient feel that way too! 💜