Thursday, July 27, 2023

Looking through some old photos and of course my Barney pops up.  

Most days I'm OK, but it hits me, when I see his pictures, how much I miss him.  Such a funny little guy.  I knew he couldn't be with me forever, but I tried not to think about it and even now I try not to think about him being gone.

I cried a lot those first couple of weeks, but I feel him with me all the time and that comforts me.  I keep asking him to send me another rescue to love and I know he will.

I got an email today that I was approved to adopt from a local shelter and we're heading there on Saturday to meet the pups.  One or two caught my eye.  I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  

Sometimes I wonder if Tim is right and we should enjoy traveling without worrying about pets, but we still have Simon, and I can't imagine my life without dogs anymore.  Funny that for over 30 years I had no pets and didn't even think about it but having had these two rescues for almost 9 years, I can't imagine life without them.

So maybe this weekend I will meet my next furry love, and if not, in time I will.  He or she is out there waiting for a good home, and I have that as well as plenty of love to give. 💜 No one will ever take the place of my sweet Barney, but thanks to him, I learned the joy of loving animals and I am forever grateful. 💜